About Larry

Larry Chandler has sold wine, written about wine, and been drinking wine for more years than he will admit to.

From New York to New Jersey to California to Utah and back again to California, wine has been his great passion.

Running wine clubs, wine seminars, wine dinners, wine and food pairings, as well as talking about wine at every opportunity, Larry has been involved with wine for much of his career (with a side venture into graphics and technology).

Larry Chandler has written blog posts for Vino Visit, eWinery Solutions, Over a Barrel, and other sites. Many of these posts are available on this site. Larry has also written wine-event press releases as well as winery and wine store marketing and sales reports, and promotional emails.

From Sheral Schowe, founder of Utah’s oldest and largest wine school, the Wasatch Academy of Wine: We all benefited from your knowledge, experience and passion for wine and the arts during your five years in Utah. Thank you for making Cedar City a more dynamic and interesting place to visit and to live.