Who’s Your Audience?

Target your emails. Even if your target is everyone on your list, or everyone who might enjoy wine, keep a target in mind. It will help you focus on what you want to promote.

It is a good idea to be specific in your emails. Targeting wine club members only, targeting people who have purchased $XX in the last year, people who only buy Cabernets or red wines or magnums. If your website can distinguish between different types of customers, use that information.

Make your email short. Using paragraphs of copy doesn’t work. Be short, concise, pithy and to the point. If you must say a lot more, link to it. Say “read more” and the link will go to a spot on your website.

Make it look good. Big bold colors. Graphics. Buy now buttons.

You can mention prices, but do so in a way that makes it sound appealing.

Target non club members with an email that offers (for a limited time only) wine club pricing on certain items. Say “Club member for a day.” And offer club pricing to all.

Why should people buy your wine? Your list is of those who have liked it in the past. Remind them.

Subject Line: Make it enticing. “Enhance your dinner without sacrificing your wallet.”

Be active, not passive. “You will simply love our wine.” Not “Our wines are loved by many.”

Quote customers, quote reviews, quote awards.

Can your emails be easily read on a mobile device? If not, it won’t get seen by many people. People read emails on mobile, even if some actually purchase on a PC. But many people purchase on mobile now too, so if your email links to only a PC site, you can lose sales (as well as the customer).

If you don’t have a mobile site, stop reading this now, and call your website host and ask how to get one. If they can’t provide it, find out who can.

Did your email produce sales? Analyze. Analyize again. Learn analytics. Use it.


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